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How to update Webcam Module to secure version

Our recent security update introduced SSL which requires same security update on webcam module. Since then, there is no possibility to update modules with previous firmware version through Skinic. In that case, you should update webcam module using our external page module can be used and updated only with Chromebook. Update process is as follows:

  1. Make sure that your webcam module is properly connected. Check USB connections between webcam<=>module<=>Chromebook.
  2. Open external update page and click button to start update.
  3. Update page should check if your webcam module is available.
  4. Since now, do not disconnect module from Chromebook until update is completed.
  5. When prompted, unplug webcam from module.
  6. Now update process is started. It will download latest firmware and install it into your module.
  7. When prompted, connect webcam to module.
  8. Now firmware is configured. Please wait patiently.
  9. If “SUCCESS” appeared, everything is done.


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